Increase your profitability with Glenwood SRS® Merinos

Glenwood Merinos is an innovative SRS® Merino Stud offering highly profitable easy care Genetics that are balanced to combine measurements, great structure, and visual selection for density and length.

We breed Merinos with a loose pliable skin with no body or breech wrinkle and exquisite wool quality combined with quantity.

We measure a range of production, welfare, and carcass traits to suit Merino operations in any environment.

Selection for early growth, moderate mature weight, positive muscling, and fat is paramount to ensuring the flock is highly fertile, resilient and easy care.

No Smoke and Mirrors

Glenwood Merino Stud adhere to a strict code of ethics and sell Merino rams straight out of the paddock – giving clients confidence in the longevity and accuracy of the ram’s genetic package.

We’re fifth generation woolgrowers, (fourth on Glenwood). Being very passionate about the Australian industry, we see huge potential for our fibre into the future.

We are committed to promoting SRS® Merino right across the supply chain for its superior processing qualities.

We constantly look to increase the profitability of our clients’ enterprises through research & development, education and innovative marketing strategies for their fibre and meat.


Let us help you ‘Redesign your Merino Enterprise for Sustainable Profitability’

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