Glenwood Merinos – an ethical Merino Stud

There has been way too much ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ in the Merino industry over the years. We are an ethical Merino stud – we released an industry leading Code of Ethics at our 2012 On Property Sale. This provides people with complete confidence in the performance of Glenwood genetics and in all business dealings with the Stud.

  • We exhibit honesty and integrity in all dealings with our clients and partners
  • Our rams are sold straight out of the paddock and are never shedded
  • Our rams are only fed during difficult times and for 6 weeks in preparation for sale
  • We offer a performance ‘money back guarantee’ for all return clients
  • We promise only to sell rams that are ‘fit for purpose’
  • We will provide key ASBV and pedigree data for all rams
  • We ceased mulesing in 2005

No Show Feeding or Shedding

Our clients’ success is our number one priority at Glenwood. This is why we sell straight out of the paddock and do not shed our rams.

A show fed ram may present at their best for the prospective buyer, but in the long term it doesn’t allow true genetic expression. It may also hide carcass and structural faults. We are strong supporters of ASBVs – the only way to truly compare animals from across Australia on a level playing field.

Many problems which limit ram performance result from overfeeding rams both as lambs and prior to sale. Practicing veterinarian and research scientist, Dr Paul Howe, believes obesity in rams (caused by overfeeding) should be of paramount concern to Merino ram buyers. It can have a profound effect not only on fertility but also on the ability of the ram to optimally transfer his traits to his progeny.

Glenwood merino lambs highly fertile geneticsIt’s simple – paddock reared rams presented under paddock conditions are more mobile and fertile – therefore get more ewes in lamb. This means the commercial grower gets better value for money. Rams with both improved serving ability and improved genetics through selection based on ASBVs, have the potential to dramatically increase returns. Our clients are proving this on-the-ground!

Do you want your rams shooting blanks?