Norm and Pip Smith’s Glenwood Merinos at Wellington, NSW, epitomize the SRS® sheep type.  The wools are sensational.  The sheep are plain-bodied and naturally resistant to fly strike.  Mulesing has not been necessary for a long time.

Fertility is exceptional with lamb marking percentages above 120%.  Body growth rate and muscling in the young sheep are genetically high and rising quickly.  The stud is driven on the genetic performance of the dams and sires with extensive breeding performance recording providing the essential information to make good breeding decisions.

I recommend highly your purchasing Merino and Poll Merino rams from Glenwood. The sheep are reared in a natural and healthy environment and have the capacity to convert Merino sheep into a highly profitable and easily managed animal.

– Dr. Jim Watts, SRS® Company 02 4862 2050