Glenwood Merinos is an outstanding example of a farm where we source our EthEco wool and this is largely due to Norm Smith and his holistic approach to the farm and land.

Norm was an inspiration for our sourcing EthEco wool. His passion for the animals, the farm and land was evident and this was imparted to us. We learnt how Glenwood Merinos ceased mulesing and had not used fertilisers or pesticides for over 11 years. Norm is passionate about educating farmers as well as reaching out and developing relationships with us, who is at the other end of the supply chain. In a period of drought we saw how Norm’s farm looked healthier than neighbouring properties, and it was after this trip that we decided to exclusively source non-mulesed wool from sheep raised on holistically managed farms.

– Tracy Mak, Environmental Manager, Instyle